Evolve Crop and Legging Set - Orange


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Be class ready in our super stylish Crop and Legging sets. Dancers train like athletes and your clothes should give you  the support you need.

Featuring quick drying materials our sets help keep you dry when you sweat which is perfect for vigorous dance or conditioning classes

Fabric is proven to grow with your dancer so no need to repurchase after every growth spurt helping every dance mum and dads bank balance.

Comes in two sizes 

Size XXS-M (Age 12-13, Size 6, Size 8, Size 10)  

Size M-XL (Size 12, Size 14, Size 16, Size 18)

Wrinkle resistance so it can be taken in and out your dance bag without the worry of looking creased during wearing.

Our affordable dance wear comes in our usual stunning bold colours so matches perfectly with any our our jumpers and hoodies

Can also be mix & matched with other colours, this set might just be the perfect addition to your any dance bag

Care Instructions : Do not tumble dry.


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